Fit Nazága is a 1/6 of entirety.

Nazága brand focuses on sports, art, tattoos, beauty and traveling, but most importantly - to convey a positive message to the whole world.

More to come soon.

Spread The Message - Be The Change

...but firstly, change begins with yourself.

  • Who's Nazága?
    Nazága is the best version of myself - how I vision myself in my mind and who I've always wanted to be.
    One aspect of the Nazága lifestyle brand is fitness and health. The expected content here will mostly be about workouts, challenging oneself and we'll all learn together how it's possible to grow muscle as a vegetarian as well.
  • I see this account as an opportunity to have an external pressure on myself to achieve my goals, the best version of me has always had a 6-pack (!!) and the most beautiful arms-shoulders, with everything else as a bonus...
    The whole project also circles around a dream of going to Bali and Thailand to train Muay Thai.This idea has been lingering on the back of my mind for few years now and I’ve reached a point where I can no longer ignore it. I’ve made it my top priority, which my whole life is currently shaped around.
  • Right now I’m at ground zero and inviting you to join me on this journey.
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